Specialist, Senior Specialist, 20031201 – 20070930

Worked as a software developer and architect in Nokia Intelligent Service Configurator and Nokia Profile Manager products. Participated also in requirements specification, testing, documentation, project management, process and practices development and training work.

Senior Software Engineer, 20010501 – 20030901

Leading role in the design and implementation of the configuration management part of the TIMS network management system for TMER 5000 mobile internet edge routers. Involved from defining the requirements to implementing and testing the product. Actively developed ways to improve the quality of the product and to reduce the time required for implementing new features.

Software Engineer, Technical Lead, 19990301 – 20010501

Participated in design and implementation of the SCS network management system for Shasta 5000 edge routers. Quickly learned the existing system and became an expert on it. Designed and implemented some key components of the product, such as CORBA API and web-based Customer Network Management application. Also helped in customer support, troubleshooting and product documentation.


Software Developer, 19960401 – 19960331

Participated in design and implementation of the web-based Sonera SurfManager network management system for ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), Frame Relay and Ethernet networks.

Learned quickly the existing system and was able to contribute new features, such as network topology map, alarm display and Customer View application.